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About Us

Radium has been providing quality fine jewelry and bridge jewelry since 1987. Today, Radium is one of the world's leading jewelry manufacturers with offices in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, and China. Our growth and size is a direct result of our innovative and proprietary manufacturing techniques and our commitment to deliver excellent quality, production, client service, and value. Our clients rank among the world's largest retailers, national big box stores, as well as regional chains and independent operators. Over the period of our 30 year history, we have gained expertise in design, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. Today, we maintain a global presence, with offices worldwide and more than 1,000 employees including our manufacturing and R&D facilities in China. Due to us having the largest production output in our industry, we have unparalleled insight into direction of the market. We also maintain total vertical integration in the manufacturing process that keeps sensitive and proprietary information self-contained, so customers can be confident that all intellectual property is safely managed and protected within our company.

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