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Jewelry Making Over Heat

Product Design

Before any metal is formed, before any sketch is drawn, our 20+ person design and product development team work with our clients to help create and materialize the design the client want, each client gets a dedicated Design team liaison, that communicates with them and expresses the wishes and changes of the client. Depending on the design that the client wants to produce, we have the capability of using old-world jewelry model making of clay models, hand hammering, and rustic techniques as well as blend the newest cutting-edge methods of 3D printing and CAD design. With over 100 creative CAD designers and clay model making artists, we boast an output of 1,000+ new and unique styles per month.

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Thirty years in the jewelry industry has helped us refine what it takes to create high quality jewelry, with consistency and production output. Our manufacturing facilities easily accommodate multi-million piece productions. And our highly efficient global distribution network leaves few areas in the world that we can't reach. Most importantly, our experience and passion for innovation drives our development of continuous improvement. We produce over 1.5 million pieces per month and thousands of styles per year. Our finely tuned and innovative proprietary techniques for jewelry-making range from forging, casting stamping, lost-wax casting, laser cutting, plating and more. Most other jewelry factories outsource the manufacturing of jewelry components, leading to unpredictable quality and delayed delivery. By contrast, we own and operate every part of the production cycle; we will always excel at on-time delivery and ensuring that quality of the items we produce meets the discerning standards of our clients.

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Research and Development

Our R&D lab technicians utilize cutting-edge technology to develop manufacturing innovations. For example to ensure plating quality we utilized and readapted devices from the bio chemist field. The scanning electron microscope magnifies up to 2400x to identify the thickness of each layer of plating in a piece of jewelry. We employ multiple high-tech, state of the art instruments to ensure that metal contents, purities and alloys are correct. And we’re constantly developing new tools for stone setting, polishing, wax shooting, and more - all with the goal of making the manufacturing process more efficient with no loss in quality of the item.

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Fulfillment Center

We at Radium are focused on developing efficiencies and scaling our advanced fulfillment and distribution capabilities. We provide global distribution of bulk orders and replenishment for our retailers. For our North America operations, we have 3 dedicated fulfillment centers spread across the United States, in Los Angeles, Houston and Atlanta. This allows us to cover coast to coast, to ensure that our clients and their customers receive their merchandise in an expeditious and timely manner. We also cover packaging, warehousing, shipping, and receiving. We have invested considerable resources in expanding our drop ship capabilities to accommodate and remain ahead of the jewelry industry's burgeoning drop ship market. Our drop ship program offers rapid domestic shipping Monday to Friday, allowing our online retail clients to be competitive in meeting consumer demand for faster shipping options. Our fulfillment division has the capacity to ship thousands of drop ship orders daily. Our information systems team makes order processing and new account onboarding easy. We are EDI enabled for data transfer, utilizing third party platforms or custom connect programming. This allows us to provide fully automated inventory feeds for total inventory accuracy.

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